President Barack Obama: Commute the 36-month sentence of Dr. Shakir Hamoodi.

Dr. Shakir Hamoodi

Dr. Shakir Hamoodi has worked tirelessly to ease the tensions between many different faith groups and organizations. He was sentenced to 36 months Federal prison and 36 months probation after that for violating the Iraqi sanctions when he sent some money directly to his family and families of several friends in Iraq. The government investigation concluded that there was no evidence that any of this money went to the Iraqi government, or to any nefarious groups.

Some more of his activities include being the founder of a local private religious school, being a tireless activist for peace and social justice, and speaking to university classes and civic clubs on many topics, including Islam, Iraq, and social justice. He has been an active speaking member of the Mid-Missouri Peaceworks, was a founding member of the Mid-Missouri Peace Coalition, and a recipient of the prestigious Martin Luther King Jr Peace Award.

Dr. Shakri Hamoodi holds a PhD in Nuclear Engineering and a BS in Islamic Law. His wife holds a BS in Islamic Law and MS in Teaching foreign languages. His daughter holds an MS in Elementary Education, his first son is finishing a Master's degree in Economics and is pursuing Medical School, his second son is graduating from Stanford University and is pursuing a Masters degree, his third son just graduated from High School and will attend Wesleyan Unversity in Connecticut, and his youngest son will enter 10th grade in the Fall. His children owe their successes to their parents' constant involvement and active participation in their lives.

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The Facebook page (link above) is for people who want to show their support for Dr. Shakir Hamoodi and his family. Donations to 'Hamoodi Family Benefit Trust' can be sent to Attorney Craig Van Matre 1103 East Broadway, P.O. Box 1017, Columbia, MO 65201

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