Hiya Debuts New Bilingual Single 'Banadi' ft Music Video Release Party (Photos + Interview)

Hiya's New Single + Music Video "Banadi" Released

HIYA (n.) Hiya she – feminine singular. The Arabic word for she or her. The best version of any woman is her highest self, and she is waiting to be surfaced.

Single was released on September 7, 2023

[Amman, Jordan] Hiya is an up and coming Jordanian artist, performer, and singer/songwriter of Palestinian/Lebanese heritage. In September 2023, she made her debut with BANADI, a moving and intense bilingual ballad that chronicles her journey through a deeply traumatic experience.
By infusing western genres with an Arab twist that resonates with her ancestry, Hiya developed her edgy and retro sound: harmonizing the different beats and melodies from R’n’B, blues, soul, and dark pop. She leaves her personal touch through her songs as she takes on an emotional, acoustic approach to singing. By singing with sincerity and an appreciation for every person listening to her lyrics, Hiya creates an emotional bond both with her audience and herself.

“The name Hiya came to me as a reflection of my personality and roots. I wanted a name that represents my identity as a strong Jordanian woman, embracing my Lebanese and Palestinian ancestry,” she says.

Through her vulnerable and heartfelt lyrics, in Banadi, Hiya conveys the turmoil and pain that she endured in the aftermath of a significant event in her life. As she sings, it becomes evident that she has had to confront the harsh, haunting realities of isolation and despair, having been left in a state of turmoil and utter disarray. However, her powerful voice symbolizes the undefeated spirit of resilience, emerging from the ruins of her past to build a new life for herself.

The song is a testament to Hiya's strength and fortitude in the face of adversity, and speaks to the universal experience of rising above hardship and overcoming obstacles, offering a message of 
hope and inspiration to all those struggling to find their way.

“In Banadi, I’m reclaiming my power and taking control of my life. This song reflects the emotional roller coaster I went through when some meaningful relationships ended at once when I was already at my lowest, triggering more pain and anger, but it’s also a sign of my inner strength and determination.”

With its captivating melody and poignant lyrics, Banadi is a powerful anthem for those who have confronted personal loss, heartbreak, or mental struggles, only to emerge with newfound strength
and resilience. As Hiya sings of her rebirth from the flames of her mental health crisis, she inspires listeners to find their own strength and rebuild themselves.

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Song credits:
Producer: Issa Shahin
Recorded at SoundSource Studios
Written by HIYA and Ribal Jafari
Performed by HIYA
Mastered by Streaky Studio

Here are the lyrics to the song Banadi (English/Arabic): 

You’re shining my pretty, my city, in flames,
Sometimes I wonder If I’ll feel the same, 
Running too close, 
So I pause to regain, 
My power, to love you over my hate

 بنادي ‎عحالي ‎يومي بيتغير, بحرب قلب, عقل و ريح 
‎روحي بتتفرغ مجانيني بتصيح 

Poisoned chemistry Sickened mentally 
Breathlessly becoming my enemy 
My sound was heavenly 
When it was you and me 
The remedy of a broken soul 
Played me recklessly ‎you know it triggered me

 ‎أسئلتي ولا أفكاري ‎لو بس تهدى الأصوات 

Like a shot in the brain and you didn't seem to hesitate and 
I started losing all the faith inside زي القمر لما يختفي darkness fills in, anxiety 
But I won't let it get the best of me 
All alone 
Trying to breathe through the smoke 
And if I’ve fallen 
Into the cracks of my soul

Here is an exclusive interview with Hiya who was kind enough to speak with Dr. Ramzi Salti just minutes before the official launch (also available through the Arabology podcast on Spotify, Anghami, etc.)

Hiya Music Video Release Party in Amman (Featuring Exclusive Interview)

Photo of Hiya with family and fans at video premiere party in Amman

Not one to rest on her laurels, Hiya has just released a powerful music video for her hit song, accompanied by CC lyrics on YouTube.  You can watch the music video below or at this link

The music video premiere party for "Banadi" took place on September 8, 2023 at the beautiful Manara Center in Amman, Jordan where guests were treated to a rooftop projection of her stunning work.  Below are some photos from the event, followed by an exclusive interview with Hiya who was kind enough to speak with Arabology just minutes before the official launch (listen here).

This interview is also available via the Arabology Podcast on all major music platforms; to listen, go to kite.link/arabology.


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