Arab American Stories: New Documentary Series on PBS

Arab American Stories: New PBS Series in the USA
ARAB AMERICAN STORIES is a 13-part series for Public Television that features stories of Arab Americans of all walks of life to put a human face on the Arab American experience. Hosted by NPR’s Neda Ulaby, each half hour episode centers on a particular theme and features three character-driven short documentaries which profile Arab Americans making an impact: in their community, their profession, their family or the world at large. 

Arab Americans have been immigrating to this country since the mid-19th century, they come from over 20 countries, practice many different faiths and live in all 50 States. While ARAB AMERICAN STORIES will not visit all 50 states, it will highlight the diversity of the Arab American experience in an attempt to educate, enlighten and entertain American audiences.

All the episodes can be watched online on YouTube at THIS LINK.  See below for the description of each episode and a link to view each episode.

PROMO (Full episodes below):

ALL EPISODES (Watch all episodes at THIS LINK):

Episode 1: Diane Rehm, Robby Ameen, Rabih Dow (Watch at

Episode 2: Omar Offendum, Frederique Boudouani, Aliya Suayah (

Episode 3: Fahid Daoud, Nawal Motawi, Moose Scheib (Watch at

Episode 4: Alicia Erian, Hugette Caland, Hassan Faraj (Watch at

Episode 5: Imad Mahawili, Amir Abo-Shaeer, Brian Leon Dewan (Watch

Episode 6: Abercias, Ali-El-Sayed, Kamal Al-Faqih (Watch at

Episode 7:  Judy Habib, Maha Freij, Father Shalhoub (Watch at

Episode 8: Shora Bros, Mahmoud Traina, Mike Abdeen/Sherif Morsi  (

Episode 9: Hanan Al-Attar, Najla Said, Adnan Charara (Watch at

Episode 10: Yemeni organizers family, Ferial Masry, Dean Obeidallah (

Episode 11: Rahim Al-Haj, Rami Kashou, Malika Zarra (Watch at

Episode 12: Linda Sarsour, Mother Mosque/Imam Taha Tawil, Zerhouni (

Episode 13 - Alia Shawkat, Mariem Masmoudi, Ace Montaser (Watch at


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