March 1 Arabology Podcast Includes Interviews with my Mom plus Fulbright Scholar Yesmina Khedhir

The March 1, 2012 Podcast of my radio show Arabology (Season 1 Epsiode 7) includes interviews with my MOM Vera Salti (who dedicates a song by Masr Nasr); Yesmina Khedhir (Tunisian Fulbright Scholar at Stanford) who discusses her experiences during the Tunisian Uprising; and a conversation with Stanford student of Arabic Christina Littlejohn who discusses a song by Tania Saleh.

The music also includes TWO rare remixes by Mashrou' Leila as well as tracks by Emel Mathlouthi, Si Lemhaf, Samir Agerbi, Cheikh Raymond, Fairuz and more.


With my Mom Vera Salti on March 1, 2012

Stanford student of Arabic Christina Littlejohn

Yesmina Khedhir, Tunisian Fulbright scholar at Stanford


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