Poetic Wisdom by Shawkat El-Haj Ibrahim خواطر بقلم شوكت الحاج ابراهيم

We are honored to share this selection of inspirational quotes--in Arabic and English--by Shawkat El-Haj Ibrahim who has kindly given us permission to publish them here while retaining the copyrights.  Should you wish to publish or discuss these works, please contact the writer directly at whenwisdomstood@gmail.com  

BIO: The writer, Shawkat El-Haj Ibrahim, is a successful businessman, thinker, and poet born in Beirut, Lebanon where he earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Studies with emphasis on Management Studies from the Lebanese American University in 1982. He later immigrated to the United States, settled in California, and worked in several US Banks specializing in mortgage banking and real estate services. In 2001 he started a venture by opening the doors to the two entities: North America Mortgage and North America Real Estate. His intellectual and literary journey began as he thought about knowledge throughout his life, exploring various cultural and educational fields. He started his scholarly career in 2008 after the mortgage meltdown crisis hit the United States markets, affecting his business and forcing significant layoffs. His main interests revolve around philosophy, ethics, conscience, spirituality, psychology, sociology, business management, and stocks--and he didn’t spare any time to write about love and romance.

Throughout his writing career, he presents many innovative ideas aimed at saving humanity from its destructive tendencies. He is fearless in defending the truth and strives to build a good society devoid of selfishness, jealousy, envy, and exploitation.

He hopes his philosophical thoughts and thinking will profoundly impact the human mind, spirit, and society by improving it to a higher standard. His work offers a modern and new perspective on humanity returning to its generous human behavior and being more humane in society. He strongly advocates for patriotism and encourages individuals to defend their land and desist colonial movements that seek to control their destinies.

You will find that applying his quotes will enrich your life by the time you are done reading them. He hopes one of his quotes may one day positively impact your life journey for the better.

Over the past fifteen years, Shawkat has written approximately 12,000 quotes in English and about 8,000 in Arabic.  He is currently revising, editing and putting the final touches on his extensive book collection in preparation for its publication.

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© Shawkat El-Haj Ibrahim

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© Shawkat El-Haj Ibrahim

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