New Arabology Podcast (June-July 2017) Ft. Indie Arabic Music + Interviews

The latest episode of Arabology--which airs on KZSU 90.1 FM in California--featured a large selection of new indie/alternative music from the Arab world (playlist below) as well as interviews with two Tunisian celebrities:  Musician Skander Guetari (3-part interview ft his songs) and Stanford student Nesrine Mbarek who spoke to us about her exciting project titled Tunisia88.

You can listen to the show below or at

Playlist for Arabology 11.3 (June-July 2017) Artist/Track/Album:

  1. Amine Souikra/ Apocalypse/ Apocalypse
  2. DJ Ghazi/ Oum Kalthoum Ya Leilet El 3ed Remix/ Single
  3. Maryam Saleh + Crash Nomada/ Leih Ya Hamam/ Single
  4. Maysa Daw/ Ayonak/ Between City Walls
  5. Rahim El Haj/ Sailors Three/ Little Earth
  6. Cairokee/ Kont Faker/ Noaata Beida
  7. Mahmoud Badrawi/ Fi Hagat Ktir Mistaniyak/ Single
  8. Jowan Safadi/ 7asait (I Felt)/ Single
  9. Muzdawaj/ Droob/ Sirrak Fe Beer
  10. Ruba Shamshoum/ Randomness (Radio Edit)/ Shamat
  11. Luay Hijazeen/ Kaen/ Single
  12. DAM/ Street Poetry/ Street Poetry
  13. Youmna Saba/ 40-2/ Arb'een (40)
  14. Amine Souikra/ Last Sunset/ Apocalypse
  15. Yuma/ Smek/ Chura
  16. Interview with Skander Guetari (3 parts featuring musical excerpts)
  17. Interview with Nesrine Mbarek of Tunisia88

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