Arabology Interviews El Morabba3
Arabology is proud to feature a new interview with the Jordanian post-rock indie group El Morabba3 (Muhammad Abdullah, Odai Shawagfeh, Dirar Shawagfeh) to coincide with the release of their second album "Taraf El Khayt" on April 2,2016.

The interview was recorded on March 9, 2016; and aired on KZSU 90.1 FM (San Francisco Bay Area). You can listen below or at

In 2008, songwriter/bassist/vocalist Muhammad Abdullah (a.k.a Abdullah) decided to form a group. As he looked for other band members, he met Dirar Shawagfeh, who has been described by recommenders as "a drummer that is just different". After 3 sessions, a roommate of a friend of Abdullah, guitarist/producer Hamza Arnaout from the band Autostrad recommended inviting Dirar's brother Odai Shawagfeh for a jam, which at the time was not of an interest because the yet-to-be formed band was not looking to add a guitarist to the band, but Arnaout said "If you are not looking to add a guitarist then invite Odai anyway", which provoked their curiosity. The meeting happened, a bassist/songwriter with smooth yet edgy voice and dreamy lyrics, and the Shawagfeh brothers, a drummer with very creative grooves and a guitarist/producer who makes the guitar say something new every time, and fills the space with his minimal style and layers of keys/Synth sounds.

"El Morabba3 to us is the window in which we see things we want to express...being from a region that had seen a lot and still does every day. This window serves as our escape and our return all together" - El Morabba3

تتألف فرقة المربّع من محمّد عبد الله، بصوته و كلماته الناقدة، و عدي شواقفة، الذي يخلق الأصوات البعيدة و القريبة التي تملأ الفراغ بين الكلمات، و ضرار شواقفة، بإيقاعاته التي تحمل الكلمات و الألحان و الأصوات و تضيف لحنا ايقاعيا عليها.

المربّع هو نافذة نرى من خلالها أشياء نريد التعبير عنها..يمكنكم التخيّل ماذا نرى في هذا الجزء من العالم.."

El Morabba3 (ft El Far3i): 'Ya Zein':

El Morabba3: El Mokhtalifeen:

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