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Arabology 10.1 Podcast Features Various Musical Genres
Arabology kicked off its tenth season on March 23, 2016 with a special show that featured various genres in indie Arabic music from electronic, hip hop, and dub to jazz, ballads, remixes, and instrumentals.

Arabology is a radio program that is hosted by Dr. Ramzi Salti, Lecturer at Stanford University, showcasing music and other cultural productions from the Arab world. 'Arabology' airs on KZSU 90.1 FM and previous podcasts are available at this link.

Playlist for Arabology 23 March 2016 DJ: Ramzi S.
1. Soapkills (Rawi Mossa)/Galbi/Rawi Mossa Remix/Zeid Hamdan
2. Fairuz/ Akher Ayyam (Weela Remix/ Weela Rahbani/Weela
3. Zebda The Spy from Cairo/ Taksim Square/ Arabadub/ Wonderwheel Recordings
4. Apo and the Apostles/ Lina/ Under the Zeitun Tree/ Chimichanga Records
5. Janan/ La7za/ Single/ Janan
6. Zaid Bawab ft Jeena Haddadin/ Habib El Rouh/ Single/Bawab and Gus Kahn
7. Badiaa Bouhrizi (Neyssatou)/ Interlude/ NA
8. Didi and the Jempress/ Feen Nelqak/ Diapazone/ Idris Nadi
9. 3xoj (Othmane Jmad)/ Lawrence of Arabia (ft Asmahan)/ Diapazone/ Othman Jmad
10. Zaou (Maher Zaouali)/ Ya Msafir Wahdak Remix/NA
11. City of Djinn/ Insan Haywan/ Ether and Red Sulphur/ Somnimage
12. AlBsmeh Al3rbieh/ Malleyt/ Single/NA
13. Alhajez (Ahmed Hegazi)/Bayan/ Single/Rahal Beats
14. Naima Shalhoub/ Qaddouka Al Mayyas/ Live in SF County Jail/ Naima Shalhoub
15. Tarabband/ Misteniyak/ Ashofak Baden/ Kap Syd
16. Yarub Smarait/ Balad Al Mahboub / Ya Salam/ Yarub Smeirat
17. Mohamed Najem/ Hal Asmar El Loun/ Floor No 4/ DARNA
18. Tarek Yamani/ Ah Ya Zein (Afro Dabke Style)/ Lisan Al Tarab: Jazz Conceptions in Classical Arabic/ Edict Records
19. Ibrahim Maalouf/ Alf leila wa Leila / Kalhoum/M'ister Productions
20. Rahim Alhaj/ The Loving Mother/ Infinite Hope/UP Music

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