Santa Cruz Arabic Music Week

Check out this amazing event which is coming up on July 19-25 at Pleasure Point FDC in Santa Cruz, CA. Registration form and detailed schedule at THIS LINK.

This is a weeklong celebration of Arabic Music with instruction, workshops, performances in Arabic singing, instrumental music, percussion, and even a bit of dance. Instructors this year include Antoine Lammam for percussion, Elias Lammam, voice, maqam theory, ensemble, Arabic music history and subgenres, rhythms, improvisation and taqsim, Sarah Michael, assistant music director, Janelle Rodriguez, oriental dance, Carolé Acuña, flamenco, and Tina Enheduanna, oriental dance.

This year there will be two phases of the week-long event: a two-day Bootcamp for musicians new to Arabic music (less than 3 years experience) on July 19-20; and a four-day intensive for more advanced students of Arabic music. The week will end with an evening of performances for family, friends and the public. There will be additional performance opportunities in the evenings throughout the week.

Instruments: traditional Arabic instruments such as qanun, oud, riqq, rebab, etc., as well as traditional Western instruments: accordion, violin, bass, guitar & other strings, woodwinds, brass instruments, and keyboard; percussion instruments such as riqq (tambourine), tabla/doumbek, and various frame drums.

July 19-20: Intensive immersion program for musicians, drummers & singers who are new to Arabic music.
July 19 from 1-5 pm: Dancer-friendly overview of Arabic music including: learn to sing your first Arabic song, percussion, history, famous figures in Arabic music, & more.

July 21-25: A wide variety of classes in Arabic music, percussion & singing at a more advanced level.
Percussion-only track also available, afternoons from July 19-25. See registration form for details.

July 24: The participant ensemble will perform live music with dance performances by our dance faculty & workshop participants.

July 25: Full concert by the participant ensemble and our instructors (myself, Tony Lammam and Sarah Michael).

Both of the shows on July 24-25 are open to the public. Tickets just $5 adv or $10 at the door.

Evening Dance Program: Dance workshops with

Janelle Rodriguez, July 20-21,
Carole Acuna, Flamenco, July 22
Tina Enheduanna, July 23

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