Sunday, October 20, 2013

In the Studio with Yasmine Hamdan

Watching Yasmine Hamdan in the recording studio is an amazing experience.  Only here can you actually see and hear some of what she experiences while recording.  Paradoxically aloof yet emotionally devastated, Yasmine's technique, gestures, and voice acrobatics are that of true artist.  This may be a long way from her debut with the forever-hip, groundbreaking Lebanese duo 'Soapkills' but it is a phenomenal way to showcase Yamsine Hamdan's solo career as well as her latest album 'Ya Nass.'

Yasmine Hamdan Sings 'Beyrouth'

En studio avec Yasmine Hamdan 1/2 : Beyrouth by telerama

Yasmine Hamdan Sings 'Shouei'

Yasmine Hamdan Sings 'Nedya'

En studio avec Yasmine Hamdan 2/2 : Nediya by telerama

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  1. Dear Doctor Salti,
    I saw a movie "A Bottle in the Gaza Sea" and have become a big fan of Mahmoud Shalabi. There is a scene in the movie where Mahmoud is riding with his cousin in a van to make deliveries. It is a happy moment where both men are singing along to an Arabic rap song. I do not know Arabic, yet, but the two men sang what sounded like "Alahu" several times. Do you know what song that is? I want to get it at iTunes but have had no luck in finding anywhere who that song or artist is. Sincerely, James Weller.


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