Saturday, December 1, 2012

Musician/Singer Jowan Safadi Detained by Jordanian Police

Jowan Safadi

Jowan Safadi, whose new album Namroud has been hailed as both controversial and creative, was detained yesterday at the Police department of "Abdali" in Amman. He is accused of "insulting religion" during his concert last Wednesday in Amman. Jowan was set to present his Accoustic Show Live @ The Rainbow, Amman (Jordan) on Saturday Dec 1, 2012 at 8pm (see poster below then read on).

According the Eka3 Facebook Page, Jowan Safadi was imprisoned in the "Jowayda" in Jordan.  Several msuicians have rushed to Jowan Safadi's arrest including Tunisian singer Emel Mathlouthi and Palestinian singer Rim Banna (see screen captures below and keep reading on).  (update on Dec 4: He was released the next day).

Jowan Safadi is originally from Nazareth but now lives in Haifa and produces alternative/experimental Arabic music with various influences. For 8 years, he was part of the band “Lenses” as a singer, songwriter and guitarist. 'Lenses' was an alternative hafla-rock band that split up in late 2007 after having recorded and released three studio albums.

Jowan Safadi in an experimental singer whose songs, in Arabic, have broached issues ranging from political corruption to hypocricy in religion. You can listen to some of his songs on Reverbnation at this link or check out his Facebook page at this link.

Jowan Safadi has many video clips featured on his YouTube Channel at
Here are some video clips by Jowan Safadi that are considered 'controversial':

This video clip is titled يا حرام الكفار and talks about atheists/non-believers:

The clip below is titled جوان صفدي - موال المايكروتشيب Jowan Safadi - The Microchip Song.  The clip is available at this link and has English subtitles:

Here is a video clip of Jowan Safadi in concert with Hala Amdan:

Here is a video clip of Jowan Safadi in concert with Haya Za3atra:

Here is Jowan Safadi's new album Namroud followed by samples from the CD:

For more on Jowan Safadi:

*  Article in Arabic about Jowan Safadi's arrest:  See THIS LINK

*  Jowan Safadi's Facebook page:

*  Jowan Safadi on Reverbnation:

* Jowan Safadi's YouTube Channel:

* Facebook Page to Free Jowan Safadi:


  1. You can't come here and always blast another dumb song, heralded by you as another 'Alternative' rock song by another Jordanian 'band', Mr. Salti. This one ('Ya Haram El-Kufar' - trans. O'Woe The Unbelievers) is just a ditty sung by this Lebanese-wannbe singer who isn't actually Jordanian. The detaining of this 'Jowan' might have come from something he said, or instigated at that hafla at the Rainbow street in the first-Circle, Amman (Note: a cobble-stoned street that was neglected for over 100 years until bored-out-of-their-skulls, rich suburbanite Ammanis came and wanted to gather there to play whatever pithiless pulp they call 'Art', or for that matter 'Music').

    What's the odds on him getting bailed out? 10-0. He'll get bailed and pay a measly fine and sign a piece of paper not worth the ink typed in it to not do it again. Do not think of this as a cause célèbre, or one where Public Security 9a.k.a. The Police) has to be blamed for infringing the freedom of art in a country as art-less as Jordan (Rim Bana, take heed here).

    Last, I heard that those who called on the cops on this singer were actually Christians near the Adventist Chrurch just a few meters from where the concert was held. So, it isn't necessarily Muslims whodunit.


  2. "First of all, I am glad Jowan is out of jail. he should not have been there in the first place. And neither should skinheads and neo-nazis who wish to express their hateful views either. Jowan Safadi is no Marcel Khalife. Jowan is no paragon of resistance art or even a man with a conscience. He's a small time artists who decided to make it big not with his talent, but by insulting a religion of the poorest and colored people on earth. Jowan Safadi is the Arab version of Geert Wilders. Jowan is not anti-religion. He is anti-islam. Not one of his songs mocks the Torah or the Bible for example. He reserves his venom not for the Zionists who brutalize, occupy, discriminant and steal land , he reserves his venom for the victims. Courage is to speak truth to power. But Jowan Safadi insults the beliefs of refugees and the ethnically cleansed and the brutalized. Wow! So much for courage. Arab communists have no love for religion. They have a consistent principle. You have to respect them for that. This man clearly wants to curry favor with the Zionists, so he goes after Muslims. He had seen how profitable it can be to play a martyr of "Islamic extremism." There's no difference between Jowan Safadi and the man who produced the trashy anti-Muslim film in the US. They both target their hate towards one religion. When I and many others defended Marcel Khalife a few years ago when he was accused of blasphemy, we were defending a hero and a champion of the resistance, and the downtrodden, and the workers. When I supported the immediate release of Jowan Safadi, I saw his case as a litmus test. You know what's a litmus test and what we do with the litmus slip after we are done. Basically I think of Jowan Safadi as the plunger needed to flush the constitutional plumbing when shit gets stuck. If we don't flush it, the sewage flood might touch good people too. SO FREE JOWAN SAFADI NOW, THAT WORTHLESS HATE MONGER. Defending Marcel Khalife was a duty but also an honor. The man earned his stripes. When I fired up my emails to support the release of Jowan Safadi I did it with nose plugs."


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