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My CD Review of Pangia: West of East (Vol 5)

Pangia / West Of East
Label: Pangia Vol 5

Ramzi S.
Reviewed 2012-09-11

--All Tracks are FCC CLEAN--

Pangia is a world music band made up of 3 musicians: Pat Olson (Oud,
Guitar, Vocals, Keyboard); Denise Mannion (Keyboard); Carmine T. Guida
(Doumbeck, Accordion, Riq). This album focuses mainly on songs
from/about Lebanon, Egypt, Turkey and intersects them with different
world beats and rhythms. Some tracks are written and produced by Pat
Olson while others are remakes of traditional Arabic songs (with a
Pangia twist). Most tracks are instrumentals.

**1. "The Night Is Beautiful" (Lebanon) Lebanese folkloric tune; upbeat
2. "Pharonic Dream" (P. Olson) Drum sounds at beginning lead to slow,
contemplative melody with lots of Oud playing (3:28) .
3. "Insha'Allah Drum Solo" (C. Guida) Rythmic melody featuring the
Doumbeck drum (3:08)
4. "Finale: The Night is Beautiful" (Lebanon) Shorter version of track
#1 (1:07)
5. "Noora" (Egypt) This is an old song by Farid El Attrache that has
been revamped by Pangia; instrumental, mid-tempo beat (4:53)
6. "Taxsim Extreme"(P. Olson) Slow, grave melody with Oud sound
dominating the track (2:44)
7. "Sarah's Drum Solo" (C. Guida) Drums and Doumbeck; great for belly
dancing (1:42)
**8. "Samra" (Traditional Arabic) Very popular tune revamped by the
group and quite belly-danceable (3:27)
9. "Eastern Fire" (Lebanon) This track 'Farhat Shebab' was written by
Lebanon's Rahbani Bros who are known to have written most of Lebanese
diva Fairuz's songs. Nice joyous tune (3:36
10. "Yalla-Yalli, Chfta-Chifti (P. Olson) Slow, almost tribal tune with
exotic music that sounds like 'The Arabian Nights' (3:40)
11. "Turkish Delight-9/8 Drum Solo" Upbeat, Doumbeck driven tune (C.
Guida) (1:08)
12. "Siz'lah" (Turkey) Fast paced melody (2:52)
13. "Zeina" (Egypt) (3:27) Slow instrumental that pays tribute to
Egyptian composer Muhammad Abdel Wahab
14. "Attar of Roses" (California) Oud, slow (2:30)
15. "Mandala California Drum Solo" Typical Pangia belly dancing tune (C.
Guida) (1:43)
16. "Ah, Vervina!" (P.Olson) Nice rhythmic melody, fast (2:30)
**17. "Sultana" (P.Olson & C. Guida) Oud intro picks up as tune develops

**My picks: 1, 8, 17 Ramzi Salti

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