Hana Malhas & The Overthinkers Live @ Blue Fig - Amman, Jordan

On August 24, 2012, Hana Malhas and The Overthinkers: performed live at Blue Fig in Amman, Jordan--a performance that combined acoustic indie folk-pop with subtle electro-elements (three part harmonies, guitars, keys, percussive creations, a shaker, and a good time). 

Maher Hanhan was on percussions, Odai Shawagfeh on e. guitar and vocals, Lana Abu Khader on vocals.

Cohesive and complex, each performed track maintained undertones of melancholy, while simultaneously achieving the catchiness of a pop tune.

“Her voice has a great deal of texture and soul…[Malhas’s] songs are both deeply felt and full of fresh images...[she] has an unusual knack for using elemental nature images with emotional resonances.” -Ann Arbor Oberserver

One writer, Philip Logos, describes the album: “Hana’s voice is at times haunting, and hard-hitting at others. The songs are relatable, not because of universal themes or catchy tunes – for frequently both music and lyrics take an unexpected (and therefore interesting) turn – but rather because of the unabashedly exposed nature of the writing, which can only be the product of Hana’s sincere approach to connecting with her audience.”

I have blogged about Jordanian singer  Hana Malhas and her amazing music and talent  previously at https://www.arabology.org/2012/07/hana-malhas-jordanian-singer-who.html

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