Yallah Underground: Documentary about Underground Lebanese Music Scene

The first trailer from the producers' first trip to Beirut, featuring some of the best local artists and music by Zeid Hamdan / ShiftZ feat Hiba el Mansouri, Scrambled Eggs, DJ Lethal Skillz, LUMI & Fareeq el Utrush.

directed by Farid Eslam
produced by Farid Eslam & Dana Wilson
camera: Prokop Soucek
sound: Ladislav Greiner
editor: Darina Moravcikova & Jakub Vomacka
art director: Ivy E. Morwen

special thanks to Serge Akl from the Lebanese Ministry of Tourism in Paris and Lenka Drnkova from Turkish Airlines in Prague and Hussein M. Dajani.

Also featured:
Rayess Bek
Trash Inc.
The Invincible Voice (I-VOICE)
Katibe 5
Eileen Khatchadourian
Youmna Saba
Charles Makriss
Fish & Rat

special appearances by Ziad Nawfal, Tanya Traboulsi and Kinda Hassan from EKA3.

Unfortunately we couldn't fit in all the great artists we filmed so far, namely Ramallah Underground, Mashrou3 Leila, The Incompetents, Fadi Tabbal, Ziyad Sahhab and others, but we will keep posting new clips.

There's more to come! :)

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