Elyanna Opens El Gouna Film Festival 2023 with Her Song for Peace

Elyanna at the El Gouna Festival, December 2023

Palestinian-Chilean singer and songwriter Elyanna gave a moving rendition of her newest song 'Ghosn Zeytoun' (Olive Branch) during the opening of the 6th El-Gouna Film Festival in Egypt on December 14, 2023.  You can watch her performance below or here.

Footage shared by attendees at the GFF's opening ceremony shows the audience moved to tears by Elyanna's deeply emotional take on the song.

The El-Gouna Film Festival shared Elyanna's live performance on Instagram, noting that "Her emotive rendition reflects a deep sense of sorrow for her compatriots in Gaza. It's a poignant portrayal of the profound pain, an acknowledgment of the constraints that confine her expressions to the realm of music in the face of the distressing reality of enduring violence."

Elyanna initially shared the song "Olive Branch" on her Instagram in October, expressing, "In the past few days, I've been grappling with my emotions to articulate them. It's been challenging to witness everything unfolding, and I'm worried and praying for my family, friends, and people back home." The song later evolved into a music video released on YouTube on December 5. You can watch that older version below or at this link:

This song serves as Elyanna's direct response to the ongoing tragedy in Gaza.  The poignant lyrics of "Olive Branch" were collaboratively penned by Elyanna, Feras Marjieh, and Abeer Marjieh.

In solidarity with the Palestinian people, Elyanna canceled her first North American tour scheduled for November across the United States and Canada.  It has been rescheduled for February 2024.

Here are the lyrics to Elyanna's song "Olive Branch" followed by an English translation:

خلص الحكي شو بعد بقول
خلص البكي والقلب مجروح
بعيدي هيك وعم صلي ليك
و ابعت سلام بغصن زيتون
بعيدي هيك وعم صلي ليك
و ابعت سلام بغصن زيتون
بارض السلام مات السلام
و كون غافي ع طفل موجوع

Words aren’t enough, what else can I say? 
My tears have dried out, and my heart is broken 
I'm far away, but I’m praying for you 
And I’m sending peace, on an olive branch 
I’m far away, but I’m praying for you 
And I’m sending peace, on an olive branch 
In the land of peace, peace has died
And the world is sleeping on a hurt child

Click here to read more about El Gouna Film Festival 2023 (link forthcoming)

About Elyanna:

Born in 2002 in Nazareth to a Christian Palestinian and Chilean family, Elian Marjieh, known by her stage name Elyanna, started her singing journey at the age of seven, posting successful covers on SoundCloud. In 2017, at the age of 15, she moved with her family to San Diego, California, eventually settling in Los Angeles, where she launched her music career. Elyanna has released two LPs: "Elyanna" in 2020 and "Elyanna II" in 2022.

In April 2023, she made headlines when she became the first artist to sing in Arabic at Coachella.  See this link for more info then watch the ABC TV report below about her rise to fame (aired in April 2023):

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