El Morabba3 Unveils New Single "El Wuhoosh" (Monsters) Feb 2, 2023

Jordanian/Palestinian indie band El Morabba3 returns after a seven-year hiatus with their new single “El Wuhoosh” (Monsters), giving both long-time fans and new listeners a first sign of artistic horizons to come.

Between the release of their first, self-titled album in 2012 and their second, Taraf Al Khait, in 2016, El Morabba3 caught the transformative spirit of a revolutionary generation with their trenchant indie-rock sound and lyrics. Now, after restructuring the band and moving from Amman to Berlin, founding singer/songwriter/bassist Muhammad Abdullah and the music producer and sound artist Basel Naouri are taking El Morabba3’s earlier aesthetic evolution into a new direction.

Departing from the raw post-rock energy of the first album and the polished instrumental/electronic fervor of the second, the artists have taken a deep dive into experimentation with electronic sound and storytelling. This new direction is more than evident in “Al Wuhoosh,” a wholly electronic track whose dramatic and disquieting sound is pulled off by Basel Naouri’s sonic architecture, with layered vocals and synth cadences quilted by a shrewdly mixed bass and kick. Listeners familiar with the evocative power of Muhammad Abdullah’s lyrics will be happy to find it here again in full force. However you interpret the song’s meaning, “El Wuhoosh” is sure to resonate with anyone who has ever had their world plundered by monsters, and who, like the singer, has ever wished for restoration: “If there’s still some soul in you, / Hey soul, bounce back.”

El Morabba3’s video of “El Wuhoosh” reimagines these sonic and lyric tensions in stark black-and-white – recalling conventions of film noir and horror, fairy tales and graphic novels – while generating a vision of a disintegrated subject, as if to ask: “Are we our own monsters?” Shot on location in Brandenburg, Germany, and created in Berlin with an international team of visual and time-based media artists, the video is another emblem of El Morabba3’s new artistic orientation.

For more information about El Morabba3 in English and Arabic, access to tracks, and concert dates, please visit: https://elmorabba3.com or contact : Mohamed Aser: aser@altorient.com

Check out El Wuhoosh Music Video below or at https://youtu.be/U_dMhDsUMOQ



My memories have dried up
I’m always at a precipice
Ready for a fall —
The monsters
Have started their clawing,

But they are insatiable.
It flows between the lines,
It dances in plain sight,
But they haven’t seen anything,
Or solved a thing.
They’ve solved nothing.
But I’m coming back.
I refuse to wait.
I won’t let the vast illusion
Devour me.
But I’m coming back.
I refuse to wait.
I won’t let the vast illusion...
If there’s still some soul in you,
Hey soul, bounce back.
My anger is hoarse,
Anyone can hear it.
Throw me on the shores of love,
O wind, intensify.
O heart, split and swallow me.
And when the tornado comes,
May my heart join it.
Well, I’m here, plugged in, all rolled, waiting...
Throw me on the shores of love,
O wind, intensify.
O earth, split open and swallow us.
If there’s still some soul in you,
Hey soul, bounce back.
My anger is hoarse, my tongue
Stolen from me.
Drop me
From these bridges between homelands,
 wind, intensify...
O earth, split open, swallow us...

ذكرياتي جافة
انا دوما عالحافة
انا جاهز للسقوط
ابتدا نهش الوحوش
الي ما شبعوش و ما فهموش تدفقت بين السطور
ترقص على مرأى العيون
بس ما شافوش و ما حلوش
وانا راجع لا مش مستني
الوهم الواسع ما يلتهمني
ذا ضل فيكي روح يا روح ارتدي
غضبي مبحوح الصوت و السامع يدري
ارميني على شطوط الهوا يا ريح اشتدي
يا ارض انشقي وابلعيني
لما الاعصار يفوت قلبي معاه ودي
وانا شابك ، لافف و مستني
ارميني على شطوط الهوا يا ريح اشتدي
يا ارض انشقي و ابلعيني
اذا ضل فيكي يا روح ارتدي
غضبي مبحوح انا لساني انسرق مني
عن جسور اوطاني احذفيني
يا ربح اشتدي يا ارض انشقي
و ابلعيني

Translated by Muhammad Abduallah and Bill Martin

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