Sunday, October 14, 2012

Bahia Shehab: A Thousand Times No

Art historian Bahia Shehab has long been fascinated with the Arabic script for ‘no.’ When revolution swept through Egypt in 2011, she began spraying the image in the streets saying no to dictators, no to military rule and no to violence.

TED Fellow Bahia Shehab sends an important message through her street art in Cairo: “You can crush the flowers, but you can’t delay spring."


  1. Although the words she used were so small and simple, the meaning behind them is very powerful. The messages she sent I’m sure had a huge impact on the people of Egypt. Her idea of using art as a peaceful message is truly amazing and inspiring.

  2. I think art has an important role in politics. It's really amazing how artists can raise the public voice through art. It helps people to express their feelings. It helps to share their ideas without even talking in a way that can touch your soul. In this case, artist had a life changing role that helped Arabs in their revolution against terrorism and persecution that has been against them for so long by their governments.


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