Tania Saleh: Amazing Vocals, Addictive Songs

Excerpt taken from http://elefteriades.com/tania.asp

Tania Saleh resurrects modern Arabic music with her amazing vocals and talent

Excerpt taken from http://elefteriades.com/tania.asp

Tania Saleh is a young author composer interpreter, graduated from the "Sorbonne" in Paris, who dares to broach subjects never treated before in the Arabic song.
One of her very first song (Aalamiyyeh) deals with "globalization " and was selected by RFI to be included in its compilation "Arabesque".
. We find in her texts a little bit of cynicism, a lot of black humor with a caustic bend, a definite talent for writing and a style recognizable among thousands. Usually, beautiful texts are served by a simple melody and simple harmonization. It is not the case with Tania Saleh. The musical arrangements are sophisticated: the riffs of the rock guitar, the riq, the groovy bass are in a perfect dialogue with the kanoun, the oud and the acoustic guitar. An old Rhodes and a Hammond B3 accompany the whole band.
The musicians who collaborated to this project are: Issam Hajj Ali, Charbel Rouhana, Mihran Gurunian, Mounir Khawli, Iman Homsi, Mazen Siblini, Emile Boustani, Roger Abi Akl, Ali el Khatib and Toni Anka
On these days where albums are prepared like "fast food", Philippe Tohmé or "Abou Tarek", husband of Tania Saleh (happy example of a mixed marriage) did not want to deliver from his recording machine anything except an album which attains a maturity level which approaches perfection. This lasted five years.
The songs were recorded in numerous styles before being produced in the final form. Professionals around the world were stunned by the quality of the work even before it was mastered in the most prestigious studio in the world: Abbey Road in London by the legendary Chris Blair. This attention to details continues in the scenic performance. I will have the pleasure of managing and producing Tania Saleh with the help of real talented professionals hoping that this will be the first stone in establishing a new school.
There are those who lament watching the Arabic musical scene. We have chosen to act.

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