Amreeka: The Comedy Show Is Coming to San Francisco on May 12

The West Coast Premiere of Amreeka: The Comedy Show will take place for ONE NIGHT ONLY on
Friday, May 12, at 8:00 PM at Brava Theater Center in San Francisco.

The program is curated by Golden Thread's Iraqi-American Artist-in-residence Wafaa Bilal and features headliner Palestinian-Kuwaiti Eman El-Husseini, Bengali-American Usama Siddiquee, and Native American Jackie Keliiaa, with African American Charles McBee as Emcee.

The show was born after the 2016 election, bringing together diverse comedians with one thing in common: they love to complain. Then and since, the toxic culture and politics in “Amreeka,” as some Middle Easterners playfully pronounce it, offer ample fodder for complaints. This cathartic and witty venting holds a mirror up to reality showing it has become so absurd and surreal, one must laugh, if not cry.

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