Arabology Podcast (March 2023) Ft Indie Female Singers, Ode to Fathers and More


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The second episode of the 14th season of Arabology aired on March 10, 2023 and featured new indie music by groundbreaking Arab artists, including an ode to reigning female singers, heartfelt song tributes to fathers, and the radio premiere of fresh releases by Tootard, Hawa Dafi and many others.  Listen here and see Playlist below.

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This episode featured songs by Tootard, Ghazall, Hawa Dafi, Kazdoura, BiGSaM & Siilawy, El Far3i, Autostrad, Emsallam, Borhan, Reina Khoury, Hana Malhas, Noel Kharman, Fawz Shocair, Abo El Anwar, Shi'rap, The Synaptik, Hosam Omran & Nada Abo Treka, Tamer Nafar and Omar Offendum.

Podcast also spotlighted instrumentals and mixes by Maxi 45 Records, Timothy Maloof, Suad Bushnaq, DJ Laith, Dina Madi and Fady D.

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