New Podcast and Music by Yacoub Abu Ghosh

Yacoub Abu Ghosh's new podcast is now available on all online platforms

Yacoub Abu Ghosh يعقوب ابو غوش  has recently launched a new podcast in which he highlights and discusses some of the most influential musicians and singers in the Arab world and beyond. He has also been releasing a slew of groundbreaking music which is now available on most online platforms as well as on his YouTube Channel.

Yacoub's new podcast (in Arabic) is called ليش أسمع  [Why Should I Listen] and thus far includes 9 episodes that seek to highlight a slew of influential musicians/singers, ranging from Nancy Ajram to Michael Jackson,  Each episode is eloquently presented by Yacoub who provides detailed info about each artist or genre.  The Playlist for this podcast is available below or at this link.


In addition to his new podcast, Yacoub Abu Ghosh has released an new and exciting 2-part musical project titled اشتقنا للشام  [We Miss Damascus] in which he brilliantly resurrects visual and musical pieces that so many will associate with the rich cultural heritage of Damascus and Syria.  The first part features popular songs from Syria's golden age, rearranged by Yacoub and featuring female vocalist Salwa Jaradat. Watch below or at this link.

 اشتقنا للشام ١ تتكون من ثلاث أغاني:- عالمايا عالمايا - من التراث الفراتي - محبوب قلبك - من تراث السويداء وجبل العرب - يا طيرة طيري يا حمامة - من تراث حلب الشهباء فكرة، إعادة توزيع وتنفيذ: يعقوب أبو غوش غناء: سلوى جرادات كلارينت: غسان أبو حلتم إي بيانو: يوسف مشربش مونتاج وإخراج الفيديو: أحمد زكي الجريري

In the second part, Yacoub is joined by Yazan Elrousan  يزن الروسان in highlighting the music of the late Fouad Ghazi.  The result is a brilliant 3-song tribute that will appeal to all generations.  Listen below or at this link.

اشتقنا للشام ٢ هي الأغنية الثانية في مشروع اشتقننا للشام. الأغنية تتكون من ثلاثة أغاني للفنان العظيم الراحل فؤاد غازي، أحد عمالقة الموسيقى الشامية في القرن العشرين. اشتقنا للشام ٢ تتكون من ثلاث أغاني: - تعب المشوار- كلمات حسين حمزة، ألحان زهير عيساوي - صف الفشك - كلمات وألحان سهيل عرفة - لازرعلك بستان ورود - ألحان عبد الفتاح سكر فكرة، إعادة توزيع وتنفيذ: يعقوب أبو غوش غناء: يزن الروسان كلارينت: غسان أبو حلتم إي بيانو: يوسف مشربش مونتاج وإخراج الفيديو: أحمد زكي الجريري

Yacoub Abu Ghosh is a Jordanian composer, performer, producer and arranger who is considered one of the pioneers of alternative music in Jordan. His 15-year music career and experiences established some of the leading bands in Jordan’s alternative music scene; such as Sign of Thyme, with whom he released two highly acclaimed albums: “Like All People" including a unique fusion of jazz and funk music that has attracted an unfailing streak of sold-out venues in Amman for over 18 months.

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