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Arabology 10.4 Podcast Spotlights Jordanian Musicians + Filmmakers

Arabology 10.4 featured an amazing array of indie music from Jordan, along with exclusive interviews (mostly in English) with Jordanian musicians and Jordan-based filmmakers.
This episode was recorded in Amman, Jordan in July 2016 and aired in California on Thursday August 11, 2016.

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Playlist for Arabology 10.4 Thursday, 11 August 2016 11am - 2pm DJ: Dr. Ramzi Salti

1. Tareq Al Nasser (RUM Band)/ Ya Rouh/ Urdun
2. Natalie Saman/ Habbaytik Ana Amman/ Habbaytak Ya Urdun
3. Jadal/ Itha Ihna Rohna/ Malyoun
4. Interview with Muhammad Abdullah of El Morabba3/ Part 1
5. El Morabba3/ Ilham/ Taraf El Khait/ Universal
6. Interview with Muhammad Abdullah of El Morabba3/ Part 2
7. El Morabba3/ Shiber Maii Taraf El Khait/ Universal
8. Interview with Yarub Smarait/ Part 1
9. Yarub Smarait/ Balad Al Mahboub/ Ya Salam
10. Interview with Yarub Smarait/ Part 2
11. Yarub Smarait/ Before Sunday/ Single
12. Interview with Rami Rais/ Part 1
13. Fawda (ft Rami Rais)/ 3ayadat/ Single
14. Interview with Rami Rais/ Part 2
15. Interview with Linda Hejazi (In Arabic)
16. Linda Hejazi 3ala Hatet Eidak Single
17. Interview with Mohammad Tahboub
18. Mohammad Tahboub/ Saga/ Single
19. Interview with Hana Malhas
20. Hana Malhas/ Just a Dream/ Hana Malhas & the Overthinkers
21. Interview with Zeina Barhoum
22. Zeina Barhoum/ Lamma Bada Yatathanna/ El Cantara
23. Interview with Anas Khalf, Director of Driving to Zigzig Land and The Translator
24. Interview with Zain Duraie, Director of Horizon
25. Interview with Muhammad Khairy, Director of #Hashtag (View film here)
26. Ayloul/ Yawm/ Ayloul
27. Interview with Bassil Ghandour, Co-Writer/Producer of Oscar Nominated Film Theeb/Part 1
28. Jerry Lane/ Theeb's Theme/ Theeb Movie Soundtrack
29. Interview with Bassil Ghandour, Co-Writer/Producer of Oscar Nominated Film Theeb/Part 2
30. Jerry Lane/ Chase/ Theeb Movie Soundtrack
31. Interview with Faisal Attrache + Deema Dabis, Directors of From the Mountain
32. Interview with Deema Dabis, Director of The Sri Lankan and Shake
33. Interview with Natalie Seman
34. Natalie Saman/ Habbaytak Ya Urdun/ Habbaytak Ya Urdun

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