Coca Cola Ad Campaign Features 'America the Beautiful' Sung in English, Arabic and Other Languages

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Meet Naya and hear her sing "America the Beautiful" in Arabic, one of the many languages in Coca- Cola's 2014 Big Game ad. #AmericaIsBeautiful. In addition to a gorgeous English version, the campaign includes a multitude of tributes to America in other tongues including Spanish, Tagalog. Hindi, Senegalese-French, Mandarin, Spanish, Hindi, Hebrew and Keres. Versions of the song performed in other languages are also on Spotify, as well as the multilingual version. Look under the "Coca-Cola Singers" or "Coca-Cola Chorus."

Coca Cola - It's Beautiful in Arabic (

Coca-Cola - It's Beautiful - Official :60 (

Coca-Cola - It's Beautiful - Behind the Scenes (

Coca-Cola - It's Beautiful in English (

Here is a Playlist of various Americans singing 'America the Baeutiful' in Englsih and in other languages:

Coca Cola stated that "the only thing more beautiful than this country are the people who live here." Watch and discover why #AmericaIsBeautiful and visit this playlist: