4/25 Podcast: An Arabological, Musical Journey with DJ Ramzi

The April 25, 2013 episode of 'Arabology' features fresh music from the Arab Spring and new alternative Arabic music (see playlist below), plus the 3rd part of DJ Ramzi's interview with DAM and Omar Offendum.

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To Listen: http://www.radio4all.net/files/author30@gmail.com/4294-1-Arabology_S5E3.mp3

Playlist for Arabology Thurs, 25 April 2013 3-5pm DJ: Ramzi S. (Artist/ Track/ Album/ Label)
1. Omeima El Khalil/ Tabaa El Wosta/ Zaman/ Forward Music
2. Egyptian Project/ Ya Sahbi/ Ya Amar/ Six Degrees Records
3. Orquestra Arab De Barcelona/ Jerusalén/ Libertad/ Harmonia Mundi France
4. El Far3i + El Rass/ Janna Janna/ Khat Thaleth (Third Rail)/ Stronghold Sound
5. Rasha/ Ya Sudan Ma'alesh/ Let Me Be/ Rasha
6. Ensemble Maraghi/ Ara Taksim/ Anwar/ Felmay
7. Rima Khcheich/ Marhabtein/ Min Sihr Ouyounak/ Khcheich
8. Dam/ Mali Huriye/ Paleo Festival Village Du Monde/ Disques Office
9. Dam/ If I Could Go Back In Time/ Debke On The Moon/ Dam
**10. Globalization of Hip Spotlights/ Interview with DAM and Omar Offendum Part 3/ Arabology/ KZSU
11. Omar Offendum/ Destiny/ Syrianamericana/ Cosher Ink, Llc
12. Asifeh/ Ramadi (Grey)/ Khat Thaleth (Third Rail)/ Stronghold Sound
13. Aswat/ Qanun Taqasim/ Spring Concert 2007/ Aswat
14. Jerusalem In My Heart/ 3anzah Jarbanah/ Mo7it Al-Mo7it/ Constellation
15. Rima Khcheich/ An-Nadda/ Min Sihr Ouyounak/ Rima Khcheich
16. Joussour/ Min al shobbak l'armilak hali/ Places and Directions/ Joussour
17. Zeid & the Wings/ Jazira (Master)/ Single/ Lebanese Underground
18. Egyptian Project/ Kawala Time/ Ya Amar/ Six Degrees Records
19. Soapkills/ Marra Fi Ghnina (Remix)/ Single/ Lebanese Underground
20. Michel Sajrawy/ Ya Lel/ Arabop/ Dasam

Arabology is a weekly radio program hosted by Dr. Ramzi Salti, Lecturer in Arabic at Stanford University, which aims at showcasing various cultural productions from the Arab world including (mostly alternative) Arabic music, along with commentary in English. The show also features interviews (in English) with individuals whose work is related to the region. 'Arabology' airs live on Thursdays 3-5 pm (PST) on KZSU Stanford 90.1 FM and streams at http://kzsulive.stanford.edu

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