New Book by Touria Boumehdi Tomasi Focuses on Junta 57 of CSIC Manuscript

A new book (in Spanish) by Stanford University's Dr. Touria Boumehdi Tomasi has just been released in which the scholar has published her many years of research and analysis of  the rare Junta 57 of CSIC Madrid Manuscript.

Dr. Boumehdi Tomasi is already working on a new book while translating the present work into French and, eventually, into English.

See book info below plus a biography of the author.


Touria Boumehdi Tomasi received her Masters in Spanish Language and Literature from the University of Mohammed V in Rabat (1981) where she worked closely with renowned Professor Houssain Bouzineb. Late she obtained a 'Diplome des Etudes Approfondies' [In-Depth Studies Diploma requiring 5 post-BA years] in Oriental Languages, Literatures and Civilization from the University of Paris III New Sorbonne (1987). She also holds a 'Diplome d'Etudes Supérieures' in International Marketing and Commerce from the 'Ecole Supérieure de Commerce de Toulouse' (1990) as well as a Doctorate, which she received in March 2010, from the University of Toulouse.

She worked as a Co-Director for the Spanish Department at the University of Rabat (1981-1983) and as a Professor of Arabic at the University of Toulouse le Mirail (1989-2006) as well as the Ecole Supérieur de Commerce de Toulouse (1998-June 2012). She has been teaching at Stanford University since July 2007.

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