Comedian Amer Zahr Wishes You a "Happy Ramadan"

Amer Zahr is one of the most popular Arab-American comedians around. He has traveled the world performing, and loves making people LAUGH!  He is also a writer and commentator. See his site and blog at

Amer Zahr's latest video is his rendition of a song he calls "We Wish You a Happy Ramadan." Here is his video clip:

Other hilarious videos by Amer Zahr in the past have included this "Dance Like an Arab" video:

For more on Amer Zahr see
Amer Zahr's YouTube Channel:


  1. Sounds like a theme song from a forgotten South Park episode. Not that I have watched any, but by watching this 'Yoube clip, I noticed the following:
    -Zahr is an Egyptian. His broken Arababble can be heard all over and is so thick you can cut it with a knife. For once, the English word 'fasting' is pronounced with the T silent. Few do know this, by the way.
    -The eluding Merry Christmas-y festive sound of his sketch is nothing but a vomitropic attempt at sucking up for his Islamophobist audience in maybe... AmeriKKKa. This is beyond pathetic coming from a 'Gyppie' whose country is now ruled by The Ikhwan (Muslim Brotherhood, thanks of course to an American scheme).
    -The outdoorsy shots in-between the stupid oud-playing gave me a hint at how much this fatso and his ilk pay for producing such no-budget videos. Nix on the whole 'video' thing: this is just a self-addressed middle-finger salute that I'm sure will find itself right in the middle of his fat buttcheeks.
    -Music and humor is a lame wet-squib attempt at making a point when nobody cares. And what do you get at the end? Nothing. Not even claps.

    This is sad. Reals.



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