My CD Review of Jadal's 'Arabic Rocks'

Jadal / Arabic Rocks
Album:Arabic Rocks Collection:World
Artist:Jadal Added:06/2012
Label:Forward Music 

Album Review
Reviewed by Ramzi Salti, Ph.D.
Reviewed 2012-06-13 
Jadal is a Jordanian rock band, known for being the first successful group to record original rock songs in Arabic (Jordanian dialect). Arabic Rocks is Jadal's debut album, released in 2009, and consists of the tracks that they have played all along their career--tracks that made their audience double & triple throughout the past couple of years. The album also features a track co-created with the leading hip-hop crew DAM, named "Ya Bani Adam".

1. Iss (1:46) Rock instrumental retro
**2. Salma (2.34) The most popular song on this CD, instantly likable, about a little girl named Salma who is also a niece of one of the band members.
3. Ya Bani Adam (ft. DAM) (3:12) A rock tune hailing all humankind to keep evolving.
**4. Omr Jdeed (5:25) The most solid, typical track on this album. Sounds like Soundgarden.
5. Ya Ahla Oyoun (4:47) Slow rock ballad about gorgeous eyes.
**6. Al-Tobah (5:09) An old classic, originally recorded by Abd El Halim Hafez in the 70's, rock version!
7. Meen Shad Habibi (5.04) Slowest track on CD. Looking for a lost love.
8. Niyalak (4.05) Nice rock rhythm, about congratulating someone for seeing things in a new way.
**9 Eldaraweesh (3:20) Sounds like reggae meets soft rock. Best track on album according to the critics.
10. La Tloum (5:15) Starts slow then becomes a rock tune, harsh and a lot of guitar, drums.
11. Ghalbi Mithl El Ward (5:07) Title means 'My Heart Is Like Roses' and this track is slow, nice use of tabla - least rock-sounding track.
12. Nseet Ahla Thekra (5:25) Rock tune about forgetting the greatest memory.
13. Baya' Elkastana (3:20) Title means 'Chestnut Seller.' Hard rock sound.
14. Rah Bakkeer (5:19) Softer rock tune. Rock ballad, Jadal-style.

My picks: 2, 4, 6 & 9 Ramzi Salti

Track Listing
1.Iss (Instrumental) 8.Niyalak
2.Salma 9.Eldaraweesh
3.Ya Bani Adam Ft. Dam 10.La Tloum
4.Omr Jdeed 2 11.Galbi Mithel El-Ward
5.Ya Ahla Oyoun 12.Nseet Ahla Thekra
6.Al-Tobah 13.Bayya' Elkastana
7.Meen Shad Habibi 14.Rah Bakkeer

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