Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Lebanese Film 'Tannoura Maxi' Released this Month

Tannoura Maxi - "Heels of War" تنوره ماكسي

Here is the official Trailer of the Lebanese Movie "Tannoura Maxi, directed by Joe Bou Eid, which will be released in Lebanon this month (May 2012)

Starring Joy Karam - Chady El Tineh - Carole Abboud - Tamara Abou Jaoudeh - Siham Haddad - Antoine Balabane - Joseph Sessin -Nawal Kamel - Dory Moukarzel - Sarah Haidar - Daniel Balaban - Diamand Bou Abboud - Andree Nakkouzi - Rita Choueiri
Directed By Joe Bou Eid
Produced By Naftaleen Entertainment

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  1. tell us a bit more about the context of the film and the reason for banning please?

  2. This film has not been banned as far as I know. You may be thinking about another Lebanese movie that was banned titled "Beirut Hotel." That film was banned by the censors in Lebanon due to its political and/or sexual content.


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