Syrian "Pressure Pot" Band to Perform Live in Lebanon

Under a series of international, and especially Arabic, humanitarian pressures, a Syrian pressure pot emerged translating this state into musical expression. The band is known as Pressure Pot - طنجرة ضغط and they will be performing Live at Walimat Wardeh Restaurant in Lebanon on Tuesday December 20, 2011 at 9:30 pm.

Sofar al falahin e From: PressurePotband | Dec 9, 2011

Genre: Progressive Rock
Members: Khaled Omran: Bass and Vocals. Tarek Khuluki: Guitar and Vocals. Nareg Abajian: Keys. Dany Choukri: Drums

The cooking duo in Lebanon:  Khaled Omran and Tarek Khuluki
Hometown: Damascus / Beirut
Record Label: eka3

Khaled Omran -1982 (Bass – Vocal)
Graduated from the higher institute of music in Damascus (the conservatory)
He played with several bands and famous artists in Syria and around the world like:
- The Syrian Symphony Orchestra
- The Syrian Jazz Big Band
- Fattet Le3bet
- Hiwar Band
- Lena Chamamian
Khaled was a player, arranger and composer in many projects, at the Syrian Culture.
He composed music for advertisements and series and short films .

Tarek Khuluki :1989
Electric Guitar. Vocal
He learned music all by himself.
He played and composed with several bands in Syria like: Unrated . Vanadium . .Strange Family. Fattet Le3bet And Lots More .
He composed music for cartoon short movies and worked as a band technician

Nareg Abajian:1982
Piano and keyboard player.
composer and arranger for a lot of contemporary music styles. born in Aleppo. later moved to Damascus and graduated there from the highest institute of music on pipe organ .currently is working with a lot of Syrian bands like. Toxido .
Fattet laabet. pals'n puls. and conducting for the Syrian Jazz orchestra.

Dani Shukry :1989 of the most talented drummer.
had a lot of workshops with a lot of international drummers .playing with a lot of Syrian Bands like. Toxido .Fattet laabet. pals'n puls .and the Syrian Jazz orchestra.
Current Location
Beirut - Lebanon

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