Lebanese Band "Pindoll" Remakes 'Tainted Love'

Indie Nu-Jazz
Jad Aouad - beats
Miran Gurunian - noise
Erin Mikaelian-vocals
Haitham Shalhoub-bass guitar
Current Location

The Lebanese band Pindoll has revived the famous 80's pop anthem "Tainted Love" with their own signature of jazz/rock fusion, led by all members of Pindoll (including Miran Gurunian) and produced by Philip Tohme. Philip is actually Tania Saleh's husband.

Here is Pindoll's version of "Tainted Love" recorded, mixed and mastered by Philip Tohme

Philip and Miran Gurunian were also part of Blend, the first lebanese band to ever sign a record deal: they released an album, Act one, with EMI arabia. Here is Blend'sr wonderful single "Belong", a true reflection of the lebanese identity crisis:


  1. Thank you for the support. Means a lot.

    Just a comment: It's led by all members of Pindoll and produced by Pindoll and Phil Tohme. Cheers:)


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