Monday, May 9, 2011

Director Joshua Asen Screens "I Love Hip Hop in Morocco" at Stanford

Joshua Asen, co-Director of the critically acclaimed documentary I Love Hip Hop in Morocco at Stanford University on April 21, 2011 and particpated in a lively Q&A session with teh audience that latsed for qwell over an hour.

Asen was invited to Stanford as part of the "Global hip hop" series, organized by Stanford Professor H. Samy Alim and supported in part by the Insititute for Diversity in the Arts.

During his Stanford visit, Director Joshua Asen agreed to be interviewed for my radio show "Hi Keefak Ca Va?" (Episode 5).  The interview aired live on April 21, 2011.  It can be heard as part of this Podcast.  Click here to hear the Podcast that includes my interview with Joshua Asen.

Here is the trailer from the film which was directed by Joshua Asen & Jennifer Needleman followed by some pictures from the event as well as exclusive video clips from Josha Asen's Q & A session with the audience at Stanford.


Professor H. Samy Alim introduces Joshua Asen

Joshua Asen with Dr. H. Samy alim

Joshua Asen with Dr. Ramzi Salti


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  1. Think back to the first time you ever heard of Moroccan Hip Hop. I find myself constantly drawn back to the subject of Moroccan Hip Hop. While it has been acknowledged that it has an important part to play in the development of man, its influence on western cinema has not been given proper recognition. Crossing many cultural barriers it still draws remarks such as 'I wouldn't touch it with a barge pole' and 'i'd rather eat wasps' from the over 50, obviously. Hold onto your hats as we begin a journey into Moroccan Hip Hop.


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