Latest from Shankaboot: Lina's Life Is Computers

"My Life is Computers" is the latest in Shankaboot's creative videos illustrating characters that feel familiar while mixing realism with amazing portrayals.  These videos are meant to go along and promote "Shakaboot: The Web Series"( but they can also be enjoyed as stand-alone clips.

All Shankaboot Videos come with english subtitles; click on bottom right corner of video screen then on CC
Lina rarely speaks to anyone from behind the horn-rimmed glasses. Here, she said a few words about Computers, hacking,  her family and Suleiman.
For ENGLISH SUBTITLES, click the UP arrow on the bottom right corner and then click on CC.

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  1. Hahah, this is hilarious. I'm not convinced that she's actually a hacker. Looks like a phony to me!


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