Friday, July 23, 2010

Court Ruling Forbids Fairuz to Sing!

Court Ruling:

Fairuz Forbidden to Sing!

After pursuing their case in the courts for years, the heirs of the late Lebanese musician Mansour Rahbani have managed to obtain a court order prohibiting Fairuz from performing any of the songs from the approximately twenty-five musicals co-written by Rahbani.

Mansour Rahbani had composed (along with his brother Assi – the singer’s husband) most of Fairuz’s works, at the top of which are the musicals Did You Sleep Well?; Loulou; Season of Glory; and Long Live, Long Live.

The court’s decision has provoked the ire of the singer’s fans across the Arab world, thousands of whom have decided to stage a peaceful march on the 26th of July to express their rage at this attempt to silence Fairuz’s voice.

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